• Aims and Values

Our Aims and Values

North Essex Multi Academy Trust

The North Essex Multi Academy Trust (NEMAT) is a partnership of schools located, as the name suggests, in Essex. All schools in NEMAT share the same values, face similar issues and are geographically close enough to support and challenge each other. However, the Trust recognises the unique nature of each of the communities we work in and how they are reflected in distinctive school cultures. We therefore encourage cultural diversity, celebrate the special qualities of each of our schools, recognising that for communities to become sustainable they must develop and grow.

NEMAT does not look for corporate solutions but a partnership that respects, sustains and supports. Our model is about creating mutual interdependence; schools that have far more opportunities to collaborate than stand-alone academies, more autonomous than local authority schools and schools in corporate chains.

We do, however, all subscribe to a set of shared values, guiding principles and trust-wide processes that ensure a quality education for all our young people. Our core belief is that every young person is special and has unlimited potential. Our ambition is to unlock that potential, remove barriers to aspiration and ensure that all of our children are enabled to succeed.

What can partners expect?

Key Factors for Success

  • Vision
  • Ethos and Values
  • Governance
  • Leadership
  • Quality Assurance


  • Agreed and supported at Executive Board level
  • Understood and supported by Local Governing Bodies

Ethos and Values

  • Our 4 Core Principles
  • Our Guiding Principles

Our 4 Core Principles

  • High expectations of all students
  • Valuing and celebrating academic achievement
  • Outstanding teaching for all students
  • Widening students’ experiences through a range of extra-curricular activities including sports, music and the performing arts

Our Guiding Principles


By utilising their skills and talents, individuals will work in highly effective teams with clear actions identified, and accountability for team results being accepted by all individuals.


Our academies will build or sustain a culture of high trust by extending earned autonomy to those individuals and teams with a ‘track record’ of outstanding achievement.  Individuals will take full responsibility for personal performance and ‘earned autonomy’ will guarantee greater flexibility and encourage innovation within our institutions.

NEMAT - North Essex Multi-Academy Trust