• Aims and Values

Our Values & Vision

North Essex Multi Academy Trust


  • High levels of mutual support between academies within the Trust built on a culture of trust, honesty and integrity;
  • Respect for the unique character and individual strengths of each academy;
  • Shared resources for the benefit of all the students in the Trust;
  • Shared values of equality, inclusion, cooperation and respect;
  • High expectations of all students, staff, parents and governors;
  • Strong commitment to education within and for the local community across all schools in the local area.


The Academy Trust will aim to achieve the following for the benefit of students, staff and their local communities:

  • Deliver excellence in the quality of provision, so that students, staff and academy communities all benefit from outstanding teaching, learning and leadership, and achieve results in all public examinations that show strong value added;
  • Ensure the provision of safe, inclusive and inspirational learning environments that enable students to achieve the highest possible standards academically, socially, creatively and physically;
  • Ensure the provision of a rich, varied and engaging curriculum which caters for the needs and aspirations of students of varying abilities;
  • Provide a wide range of high quality continuous professional development and training, with frequent opportunities for sharing best practice and career development;
  • Act as an agent of change within the local community to raise aspirations, achievement and improve the life chances for students of all ages providing facilities for evening classes;
  • Develop close links with business, appropriate charities and politicians, who are encouraged to contribute to the development of students, staff and scholarships;
  • Develop and enter into sponsorship arrangements, or form partnership deals with third parties to supplement its income and achieve best value for money while aiming for quality and meeting core values;
  • Be open to growth opportunities for our MAT in a changing education environment particularly with partner primary schools.

NEMAT - North Essex Multi-Academy Trust