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What we offer

What support do we offer?

Summarised, we aim to support headteachers by providing targeted support for school improvement activity, and by taking responsibility for all non-core functions so that they can concentrate on Teaching and Learning, Student Outcomes, and Communications with their communities.

This will take the form of:

  • Management of administrative function – especially financial reporting
  • Management of premises
  • Management of IT, including network and website
  • Management of procurement

The services that will be provided as a part of this are:

  • Audit and compliance;
  • ICT Infrastructure;
  • Insurance;
  • EWO and Home liaison;
  • Policy management;
  • Payroll, HR and Pensions;
  • VAT compliance;
  • Risk management.

The Trust will achieve considerable savings in procurement, and in the streamlining of services to achieve economies of scale, so that more resource can be put into areas that have a direct impact in the classroom. The minimum saving we expect is 10%.

In addition the Trust engages in some commercial activity and will to use the surplus from such activity to support the Trust’s wider partnership.

The average contribution to the Trust will be in the area of 4% of budget, but the cost to schools will be determined on an individual basis. Each school will have different circumstances, and therefore we have a flexible model to cope with this range, based on criteria such as: Budget balance; OFSTED Grade; under- or oversubscription; Risk.

NEMAT - North Essex Multi-Academy Trust